Visualize Your Content and Broadcast Your Site on YouTube

broadcast your site on YoutubeI am always looking for ways to make my site stand out.

Last week, I have created a YouTube channel and uploaded four videos . I think visual content is more effective than text based content . Check out my YouTube channel SiteSprint.

For the last couple of months, I have been researching software that will allow me to create screencast tutorials for my website.

Screen Casting

A screencast is a kind of video recording that captures actions taking place on a computer screen.

If you have a site that teaching something, or you have to do a product review , screen casting is the best option.

You can use any of the Screen casting software to record your screen. I am using Camtasia for screen recording . You can also use free software’s such as Camstudio or Jing.

Video Editing

Record your screen and edit it using any of the video-editing software. I am using Camtasia for editing my video(Camtasia has a built in video editor ).

If you’re a Windows user use Windows Movie Maker (free). iMovie is another great alternative for Mac users (comes free with all Mac computers).

You can give effects , add animation , edit your audio and many more using these video editors.

Notice the video below. I could control the animation of the screencast and add effects using Camtasia .

Record Your Voice

You can record your voice along with your screen cast . I always record audio after finishing the screen cast . Use a high-quality micro phone ( USB microphone ) for this.

Royalty Free Music

I am using music comes with Camtasia. You can try Incompetech. They also provide royalty-free music for commercial use.

The Bottom Line

No matter what software or method you use, it’s definitely worth experimenting with video to promote your site.

All of you know that YouTube is owned by Google. So If you create good videos and optimize your title and description ,YouTube can bring you a nice amount of targeted visitors.

And if you have high-quality videos, chances are high others will embed it into their sites or link back to it.

Remember, most sites still do not use video . So It is the better time to visualize your content and broadcast your site on YouTube


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    Videos are a great way to promote your site as well as your business. I’ve been doing a lot of competitor research recently and I’ve noticed that our competitors who use social media the best also have YouTube channels and promote themselves as well as their clients.

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