Website Creation Tutorial for Beginners

start a website that works


You have landed the beginner friendly tutorial site which teaches you to create a website in minutes.

And the most interesting thing is you don’t needed any coding or programming experience to create your first site.

Creating a  website is very easy, and you can set up a site in less than 10 minutes . However, creating a website is only 1 out of the 10 key steps for building an e-business. 

If you don’t did everything  necessary to build your site , what’s the point of yet another unvisited site ? 

Here in SiteSprint, you will learn all  aspects of creating a successful website .So follow these simple steps and create your first website.

step1-register domainRegister a Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your website( . People identify and reach your site  using this name. 

So registering a domain name is the first step in creating a website.

This take just a few minutes and you need to pay a yearly fee to register a domain name.  You will get a domain name in very affordable prices and need to pay merely $10 once a year. 

Check out these domain registration tips and choose a best domain name for your site . 

twoSign up for a web host

Your site needs some space to store its files, videos and images. A web host provides this space and put your site online. 

Sign up for a web  host and choose a shared hosting plan. You need to pay $4 – $8 monthly to get a good hosting. 

Click here to know more about web hosting and choose the best one .


three - build your siteBuild Your Site

Now you have everything ready to create your site .Lots of software, and tools are available to build a website ,but the easiest and more stable one is WordPress.

Lets start build a site that works.

Creating Your Site Using WordPress

Create a WordPress website
WordPress is an open-source software and works for all kinds of sites. You need to choose to build a site.

Learn the difference between and

Once you install WordPress in your domain, you will get access to thousands of free themes and plugins to run your site.

Learn How to create a website with WordPress.

Creating a Niche Website

Niche website mainly focus on a narrow crowd.

For example, instead of  creating a site about health you need to narrow it down to skin care, hair care , weight loss, etc. 

You can start by finding a profitable niche, and build  content rich website that engages your audience. 

Once your site is up and running you can monetize it with ads and affiliate programs.

The best part of niche website is you can target  group of people with same interest and easily sell them products and services related to your subject.

Time for Your Website Success?

Your website success doesn’t occur overnight. You need to create beautiful, everlasting and in-depth content for your site .

The time taken for your  site success depends only on you. Make sure that your site has something different that attracts visitors and wins the competition.

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