How to Increase Blog Traffic [Infographic]

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Yep, I am  introducing the first-ever SiteSprint infographic .

This Infographic is  a visualization of  the previous post , 8 tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog . If you like this Infographic, please share with your friends .

How To Increase Blog Traffic


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You need to write more compelling copies to get more engaged visitors . Always provide some unique information that makes your blog stand out.

Keep your blog design simple. Your blog should be easy to navigate and use. All the pages should be accessible via a static page.

Submit your site map to all search engines to crawl your pages easily.

Build a good relationship with your readers and other bloggers to make your blog popular. Guest blogging and blog commenting are the best two ways to build a healthy relationship.

Intelligent use of social media helps you to increase your site visibility. Submit your post to social book marking sites to get more visitors.

Your blogging success depending on the quality of your traffic you get . So try to get more search engine traffic that has more conversion rates.


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